Glyset (Glimepiride B.P) tablet is used in combination with an exercise and required diet to control blood sugar levels (in type 2 Diabetes mellitus).

It is an anti-diabetic medication. It belongs to a class of drugs known as Sulfonylurea. It works by increasing the quantity of insulin (your pancreas produces). It also helps maintain blood sugar levels and prevents organ damage.

Package Contains: Each pack of Glyset contains 20 film coated tablets of 2mg.

Composition: Glyset

Each tablet contains:

Glimepiride (B.P) 2mg.

Dosage: As advised by the physician. See package insert for details.


Do not use this drug if you are allergic to it. Do not use this drug if you think you may be pregnant. Do not drive after using this type of drug. Liver and kidney patients should use this medicine with caution.

Tell your doctor the medical history if you have heart disease. Do not stop taking this medicine without consulting with a doctor.

Side effects:

The side effects caused by Glyset are:

Upset Stomach Glyset back

Metallic taste


Abnormal vitamin B-12 levels

Liver Impairment



Temporary visual impairment

Instructions: Store in a cool and dry place below 25°C. Protect from light, heat and moisture. Keep out of reach of children. To be sold on the prescription of a registered medical practitioner only.


Manufactured by: Wilshire Laboratories (Pvt.) Ltd. Wilshire Labs

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By: Zunaira Liaqat