A Journey towards Success

A Journey towards Success

Life is a stage in which you gain experience and learn new things every day. When you are born no one teaches you how to suck milk but you try and achieve what you desire at that moment.

So, keep on trying is the key to success. Success is the reward that is tasted by people who put effort to attain something. When I completed my Master’s, my first priority was to get hired at someplace to gain experience.

I got hired the very next day after the completion of my exams. But, I wasn’t an experienced teacher at the beginning. There was the old staff who held on to controlling every aspect of the school system (supervisors).

I observed their acts and learned reasons due to which they were successful and proved myself to be part of those employees. The people who were not letting any new members in their team then added me to their circle.

My employer once told me that I don’t have confidence in conversing in English, I tried and kept on speaking English, either right or wrong and there was a time where I hosted one of the biggest events in the institution.

Therefore, I have a strong belief in the methodology of try, try and try again and there will come a day when you will be able to achieve your target.

By: Mariam Nasir

A Journey towards Success