Honor killing is the worst kind of violent act done with females.

People kill their daughters, sisters, and mothers and it is not considered, as a specific act against Islam.  They forget killing someone is also not allowed in Islam.

The ratio of honor killing is more in villages and backward areas because of less illiteracy rate.

We don’t educate our children, keep them in the same environment where they don’t learn about good and bad and do the same stuff as their forefathers did.

Over thousands of cases are reported in the last few years.

And sadly our government is too lazy to take any strict action. Killing and taking someone’s life has become too easy in Pakistan.



*We should educate our children, tell them what is allowed in Islam and what is not.

*We should do strikes on This and take a stand for the ladies who can’t speak for their rights in their own homes.

*Strict laws and punishments should be arranged for the people who do it.

*In these cases we should tell them about right and wrong or treat them through law. Killing shouldn’t be an option.

By: Mahnoor zaman