Life After Pandemic

Life After Pandemic

Life After Pandemic

Life’s not always the same at every moment. It seldom opens the window to heaven and seldom drowns deep in the ocean of flurries. But a time comes when these flurries are not for a person only, but for the whole nation and in apex; the whole world.

COVID-19 is one of those pandemics. After the outbreak of the plague from 1855 – 1945 caused over 50 million deaths worldwide. People will be reluctant to put off the mask, they will be afraid to hug even their own child.

The businesses and economies will take years to settle again and worse, the world (which is also called a global village) will turn into a big city where people don’t meet even their closest.

Even if people gather, they perhaps won’t have the sight of some people again who were affected by this deadly virus. Or perhaps some great leaders won’t be there to lead them anymore; the benevolent personalities and the well-wishers.

Socializing application Facebook has leveraged with the health agencies to keep people informed. Also, Google has stippled some search results and made hovering cards on the general interfaces to inform with the latest updates on COVID-19 precautionary measures.

The authorities are looking forward to introducing new plans for the economic growth and welfare of the people. In the best interest of the citizens, many such intents will put into action at the daily visiting places.

Shortly, a world after CORONA is a brand new world with a brand new lifestyle and methods of everyday standards.

By: Bahaar Abdullah