LinkedIn account restricted violations

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Content Creation Time: Mon, 23 Aug 2021 10:29:44 GMT:

The Jews Now Being The Hitlers To Palestinian’s #ironic

Content Creation Time: Mon, 23 Aug 2021 10:30:27 GMT:

The Jews Now Being The Hitler’s To Palestinian’s #ironic

How is that for a prison!!? It is even worse than a prison for Gaza

LinkedIn account restricted violations

This was a Re-Share of a post made by someone which was a video stating facts of the horrible conditions in which the Palestinian population has to live and grow up, The children suffering from the apartheid and inhumane conditions.

This was almost exactly a year ago I shared this post and my personal opinion on the matter, there are no lies or misinformation in my comment or opinion.

however, a year later in May of 2022, my account was blocked by LinkedIn and I can no longer LogIn, they wanted Identification first, so I gave them my passport photo.

Now when I contact them about regaining access to my account they simply reply with this same email stating that.

What does this mean?

I thought I had freedom of speech in my country, They say so in the Law, last I checked even the LinkedIn registered country called the United States of America also had freedom of speech.

Are they saying I can not express my freedom of speech?

Are they saying I can not post what I want and feel on social media, even if it is true?

What’s the point in social media, If you can’t speak your mind and you can’t speak the truth?

I don’t understand this world anymore.

Please share this and help us get our LinkedIn account back.

By: Wanttono