What is the one thing that you notice when you see a tree? 

The beauty and the colors, right?


You notice that how alluring is its existence. The color of fruits, leaves and the butterflies around it gives you a heavenly feeling.

You start to believe that this charming site is going to stay forever, then the season changes and autumn arrives, you gradually see all its colors fading and the leaves falling one by one.

The tree that once was the center of attraction because of its enchanting beauty neither provides a shadow nor a sigh of relief anymore.

But if you look closely, you will realize it has more to offer other than just beauty, do you know what that is?

It’s courage, valor, spine, fortitude, and determination that it offers to its viewers, even though it loses everything which attracted people towards it or which made it irresistibly beautiful, it still stands.

It remains standing in the hope of spring to return and give it back what it had lost, It does not give up. It withstands the test of time, because it knows that spring will return and the pain of losing everything is not permanent.

Guess what, spring does return, giving all the colors back to the tree and beautifying its existence even more.

Thus, whenever you feel as if everything is going to end, take a look at that tree and this time don’t just notice the beauty, but notice valor and courage along with it.

You will get a reply to your question “is it going to be alright again”? Because NATURE HOLDS THE ANSWERS TO OUR QUESTIONS.