What we want

What we want

Life is all about what we do, What we think, What we want, What we need and What we achieve, It is very important for a person to know what exactly he/she has to do in his/her life. So that in the future all those surrounding that person will get motivation from his/her life.

First, we need to focus on those things which we want to achieve in our life like, wanting to study hard or become a successful person or wanting to become an athlete and so on.

Whenever you are ready to move forward to make your dreams come true, that is the point from where your new journey of life begins.

It’s not easy to achieve that which you actually want, there are many ups and downs that occur. Sometimes you achieve what you want and sometimes you just learn a lesson from the struggle trying to achieve your life’s goals.

It’s not compulsory that life gives you exactly the same as what you want. The main point of it is that what u actually learn from it.

By: Zahra Hashmi